Umbrella Revolution: The Video Game

The Short of It

Year: 2014

A news game based on the Umbrella Revolution student movement in Hong Kong 2014. Collect the yellow umbrellas to gain momentum in the movement and ultimately win over the governemnt.

How To Play:
Move with the arrow keys to collect 11 umbrellas while dodging tear gas. As you collect more umbrellas, your hitbox will grow, so be careful.

The Longer Explanation

The flash game was programmed concurrently to the student protests in Hong Kong. The protest itself was in retort to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPCSC) and its decision to reform Hong Kong's electoral system which was pre-screening canditates based on the views of the leading Chinese Communist Party. The player takes on the role of a protester who must defend against the police who are throwing tear gas left and right in order to silence the movement. As a way to protect himself, the player uses yellow umbrellas as a shield. The yellow umbrella becomes a symbol of the student movement and showers the streets of Hong Kong along with layers of tear gas. The player collects umbrellas as the movement builds up steam while trying to dodge tear gas, sacrificing an umbrella if the player gets hit. Eventually after some time, the amount of umbrellas suddenly surpasses that of the tear gas. This is representative of the movement overcoming the establishment and gaining momentum. If the player collects enough umbrellas, the revolution will end in the victory of the protesters and new reforms will be passed.